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Tom's Smile

Miles of smiles

Tom is twelve and has two older brothers both of whom have severe learning disabilities.  Tom helps mum and dad care for them both which is hard work as they are quite demanding.  Initially Tom asked if he could go in a fast car - a Ferrari or the like - but when we told him he could take a friend he changed his mind and has asked if he can be picked up from school in a limo. 
Because brothers Nathan and Ashley take up so much of mum and dad's time and energy, Tom often finds that his needs come last. This wasn't the case on his 'smile' day!
The Silver limo from Sophisticars arrived in the school car park and Tom's whole class were green with envy when they looked out of the window. Karen and Sophisticars chauffeur Phil visited Tom's Class and explained why Tom had been chosen for a 'smile' and everyone clapped.  No one could have doubted who the limo was for as we had a massive banner reading 'LIMO FOR TOM HINDS' and a PA system announcing the fact!
Tom, best friend Liam and girlfriend Tara were whisked home in the limo to get changed then taken off for tea along with their mums Gill and Ann.  There was a slight detour on the way to the restaurant via an exclusive garage that is stocked with Ferraris, Aston Martins, Bentleys and many other very swish cars.  Tom was at a loss for words as he wandered round. He sat in a black Ferrari and vowed to work very hard at school so that one day maybe................ he could come back and buy one.

Everyone then enjoyed a really fabulous meal and the limo cruise home, there were many, many smiles. Tom was looking forward to going to school the next day to make everyone even more envious.  A well deserved treat.


Naomi's Smile

Miles of smiles

Naomi lives with her mum and dad both of whom suffer from ill health. Naomi who is fifteen runs the household and helps mum and dad as much as she can.  Sometimes when she needs a break Naomi stays with her gran and at times with her auntie.  She works really hard at school and hopes to be a journalist.

Naomi asked if we can get tickets for her to go and see the band Green Day who were on at the MEN.  All venues were sold out so we had got our work cut out but due to hard work and persistence we managed to get two tickets.

Naomi chose her friend Danielle to accompany her on the trip.  Both girls looked stunning when we went to pick them up and both girls were stunned when they saw the transport - the limo from Sophisticars.  The arrived at the venue like VIPS and had a really brilliant time watching their favourite band.



Rosie's Smile

Miles of smiles

Rosie is twelve and helps mum around the house and with her younger brother and sister.  Dad has a visual impairment and Rosie helps out doing practical stuff for him and mum suffers from regular bouts of ill health.  She's had a few problems herself and so has been nominated for a smile.

Rosie has asked if she can go to Blackpool Illuminations with some friends in a limo. 

To make it extra special we gave Rosie some spending money to buy an outfit to go on her special trip.  A limo ride needs new outfits!

It was just going dark when six very excited young people clambered into the silver limo supplied by Sophisticars.  They were served sparkling 'wine' and watched dvds as they drove to Blackpool.  The illuminations came second to shouting out of the windows at all the passers by.  It was great fun.  Everyone was tired when they got back home - tired but smiling - and we finished our special treat with a goody bag for Rosie and her special friends.



Jordan's Smile

Miles of smiles

Jordan is 14 and helps both mum and dad.  Mum, Sharon, has emphysema and is on oxygen 14 hours a day as well as inhalers and medication. She rarely leaves the house and when she does has to go in a wheelchair.    Dad, Joe,  also has health problems having had major back surgery when he had rods inserted.
Jordan helps with the shopping, washes up, vacuums and does the laundry so he well deserving of a smile.
His choice was to go to the zoo for a day.   Jordan, brother Anthony and sister, Louise all arrived is style in a limo supplied by Sophisticars, on arrival they were greeted by staff at Blackpool Zoo.  Jordan got very involved with the lemurs - helping feed them and playing with them and he also helped the lion keepers get their food ready.  They spent the whole day amongst the animals and arrived home in their limo with over 400 photographs of a very special day for a very deserving young man.


Terri's Smile

Miles of smiles

Terri-ann was nominated by her dad, Terry.  Terry told us that he suffers from many health problems - angina, epilepsy, diabetes, coronary heart disease and asthma.  This means they can't have a normal family life.
Terri-ann, he said, spends most of her time at home helping dad with his tasks and mum with cleaning.  She knows what to do in an emergency - which spray to use and how to work the lifeline button.  Terry said that he is very proud of her and if it wasn't for Terri-ann's support and care mum would not be able to have a break.
Terri-ann asked to go to Blackpool Pleasure Beach on her twelfth birthday.  Friend, Heather, mum and dad all joined her.  Terri-ann pretended to be very cool when the limo arrived from Sophisticars decorated with birthday balloons and banners.  Dad said;
'Excited is not a big enough word to cover it.  She was on a high especially when the driver opened the drink for her to enjoy on the trip and she saw the tv playing the music videos.'

The whole family had a wonderful day.  A birthday to remember.



JULY 2009

Come and meet the Stars!

TV Stars from X Factor, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, Coronation Street & Big Brother are all met up for a cebrity party at the Pines Hotel, Clayton-Le-Woods on the 16th July 2009 to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation.

The paparazzi lined up as all the celebs cruised up to the red carpet in style by Sophisticars Limousines.

June 2009

Samantha's Smile!

Miles of smiles

Samantha and Katie are sisters who looked after their father for a long time (Katie's story is below).   Samantha asked for a family meal for her 'smile'.  She was celebrating her birthday so we decided that would be a perfect day to go.
The whole family looked fabulous but especially our birthday girl. With her beautiful blonde hair in curls and looking stunning in black, Sam opened the birthday bag of goodies we gave her before the Silver Stretched limousine from Sophisticars arrived.  The all piled in but not before we had taken loads of photos then off to the restaurant.
With family and friends all together Sam enjoyed a slap up meal and was thoroughly embarrassed when the birthday cake came out and we all sang to her.  The back home in the limo. It was a birthday to remember.

June 2009

Katie's Smile!

Miles of smiles

Katie's dad had been ill for a very long time and she had helped care for him.  Sadly he died just before Christmas and she misses him a lot.  She also helps look after her mum who has arthritis and spondalitis and struggles to get around.  Katie asked for a day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach with her family. 
Saturday was a glorious day but threatened to be spoiled as Katie had fallen off her bike the day before and landed on her knee leaving a massive hole.  (Or so Katie thought).  The knee was bandaged up and forgotten when Katie opened her special card and found £10 spending money.  EVERYTHING was forgotten when Katie saw her fantastic transport to the Pleasure Beach.  A black glittery limo from Sophisticars.  'Is it just for me?' she asked.  It was suggested that the rest of the family might like to join her rather than go on the bus.  Katie's smile said it all.  They had by all accounts a brilliant day at the Pleasure Beach and were all very tired when they got home.

Jack's Smile!

Miles of smiles



A day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach was the 'smile' that Jack from Leyland chose.  Jack helps look after his younger brother Liam who, amongst other things is registered blind and is unable to walk.  We called round first thing on Saturday morning to deliver the tickets, some cash for lunch and a little spending money for Jack and then waited for the transport.  The transport was, of course, a stretched limo from Sophisticars.  Jack was thrilled to bits and was very excited as he, Liam, mum and dad set off on their day out - first stop 'The BIG ONE'!!

Mum and dad said afterwards:      'Had a fantastic day.  The limo was amazing felt rich for the day.  Jack was really chuffed he said it was the best day of his life! Liam was fantastic all day we've never seen him smile so much. We can't thank you enough.  It was lovely to spoil Jack all day can't remember the last time we all laughed as we did as a family!  It was an experience none of us will forget! All of us thank you from the bottom of our hearts.We hope other families get a chance to experience a 'smile' for the day as they'll never forget it. A BIG THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US. Most of all from Jack the boy with the biggest smile out of everyone.'

Easter 2009

Stuart's Smile!

Miles of smiles


Stuart is a caring young carer from Lower Darwen.  He cares for his mum who is a wheelchair user and is disabled himself having to use crutches.  Older sister, Vikki, has recently left home to go to university so Stuart and his mum take care of each other now.

Stuart decided that he would like to share his 'smile' and chose a family meal somewhere where he could 'choose anything off the menu'.
It was a sunny evening on Easter Monday when the 'taxi' arrived to take the family - Stuart, mum, Vikki, her fiance, Phil and nan off on their journey.  They were all thrilled when a limo turned up at the front door and piled in enjoying drinks and tv.  It was a long journey through the Ribble Valley to the Parkers Arms in Newton winding through many country lanes - not the easiest thing in a thirty foot car!  But Phil from Sophisticars has had tougher challenges and everyone arrived safely.
AJ from the Parkers Arms was there to meet the party.  They soon settled down with drinks and menus. Everyone eat well and was suitably stuffed having enjoyed themselves thoroughly.   And just for the record Stuart had two puddings!  How brilliant!

February 2009

Caitlin's Smile!

Caitlen's Smile

Miles of smiles




At Miles of Smiles Lancashire we recently received a phone call from Caitlin’s mum.

Caitlin, she told us, had lost her dad to cancer last year just two days after her twelfth birthday.  Since then, Caitlin has helped to raise almost £5000 for cancer research and the local hospice.  As mum said, not bad for a girl who has herself a  fair share of problems including a rare genetic disorder, autism, hearing impairment, asthma and learning difficulties.

For her thirteenth birthday Caitlin decided she would like a party not only for family and friends but it also had to include thirty five children who have suffered or are going through a trauma similar to hers. As Caitlin put it – she wanted ‘them to smile for a day’.

The party was organised – not an inexpensive event - and Caitlin still asked for nothing for herself.  However, one afternoon Caitlin saw a limo driving past and she said that one day she would like to ride ‘in one of those and it would be nice to go to the party in one’.

Could Miles of Smiles help with this, asked mum.  No problem we said.  In fact not only can we arrange a ride in a limo but we bought Caitlin an outfit for the special day too.

The limo was a surprise.  Caitlin had no idea she was to ride to the party in such style.  At least it was until Gran came into the living room where everyone was waiting and said; ‘The limo’s arrived.’ Best laid plans of mice and men and all that!  Hey ho.   Caitlin hurtled outside – nearly knocking chauffeur Phil from Sophisticars to the ground – where she saw her very own carriage.   A big, sparkly, special car for our VIP.   Caitlin, her friends and Gran all climbed in to the car where they watched tv and drank sparkly drinks on the journey to the party.  They felt like pop stars.  Caitlin felt wonderful. 

A special treat for a very special teenager.

December 2008
Young Carers Treat
limo hire for preston young carers


Young carers from across the county were treated to a festive night on the tiles.
The group were treated to a make-over by Runshaw College students and were taken to a local Italian restaurant in limos provided by Sophisticars Limos.

The party was held in recognition of the carers' hard work.

Tina Ainsworth, from the Young Carers Project, said: "It's not so often that the kids get the chance to do something like this."


October 2008

0800 3 118 678

At Sophisticars our customers always come first! that's why we've just purchased a freephone number to save you money each time you call!
Call today on 0800 3 118 678
September 2008

Sophisticars is now on Facebook, you can see more pictures, customers comments, talk to other friends of Sophisticars and get the latest news!

Click here" Sophisticars Limousines"

July 2008
Convoy of Happiness

EVEN torrential downpours could not dampen the spirits when the Convoy of Happiness set off for Blackpool.
The trip for seriously ill children from across the north west took 160 children, parents and carers for the annual day of thrills by the seaside.
The fleet of 20 limousines was flanked by motorcycle outriders from Rising Moon Bike Club and given a police escort when it set off from Ashton Moss, Ashton under Lyne.
The Convoy of Happiness is organised by limousine companies from across the north west, who foot the bill for the day.

Everyone feared the worse as torrential rain poured down during the drive to the resort, slowed down to 30mph on the M61 but by the time the fleet arrived the sun had put in a welcome appearance.

"The thing about this is it is not just going to Blackpool, it's going to Blackpool in style in a stretch limousine and it's amazing to see the smiles on the children's faces.

"The day is made possible by the kindness of limo drivers from across the north west and I'd like to thank them all." As soon as the vehicles arrived back in Greater Manchester plans for next year's trip were already being drawn up.

May 2008
New Black Limousine is Licensed and available for hire

Midnight is another amazing stretched Limousine, by day a sophisticated Black Limousine with chrome glitter by night a real party machine with the added wow factor! Midnight's glitter shimmers in the sun during the day and sparkles at night, a truly unique Limousine. Midnight is fitted with 2 flat screens, surround sound, , D.V.D player, , Air Conditioning/Climate Control, Satellite Navigation, Separate Light Levels to suit your mood, Fibre Optics, Neon Lights, Lasers, Ice Chests, Champagne Buckets, , Walnut inlays and Black Leather Interior (J Seating). This sophisticated Black Stretched Limousine with Chrome wheel arches, Blue Neon Pillar lights, and Privacy windows, really does make heads turn, proving our vehicles truly are a step above the rest. This vehicle is already proving to be very popular for weddings, proms, and every other occasion where the extra wow factor is needed!

April 2008
New Black Limousine added to the Fleet


Sophisticars latest limousine has arrived and is currently being fitted with the latest flat screens, dvd player, surround sound stereo and extra party lights. The latest limousine has been custom painted high shine black with flecks of chrome glitter to give that sophisticated look.

March 2008
Additional Limousine ordered to keep up with the high demand!


Sophisticars has ordered yet another Stretched Limousine to keep up with the high demand for high quality Limousines in Preston, Leyland, Chorley and throughout Lancashire. . Another Lincoln Towncar Stretched Limousine has been ordered to keep in line with the fleet and is due to arrive shortly.

November 2007
Limousine & Car servicing and repairs department open.


Sophisticars has joined forces with P.C. Garage Services.
P.C. Garage Services have always serviced and repaired Sophisticars fleet of Limousines and executive vehicles. With over 20 years of experience specialising in 4x4, Executive cars, Limousines, Vans and Sports cars P.C. Ga rage Services is the only choice.

P.C Garage services not only provide mobile repairs but are now based in our Longton depot providing us with an experienced mechanic on hand 24/7 !
Please contact us to arrange your next service or repair including air conditioning & engine diagnostics.

October 2007
Longton Depot Open

Sophisticars have opened a new depot in Longton, Preston all vehicles are now kept secure an undercover. You can make an appointment to view all our vehicles and discuss the details of your booking over a coffee.

Our new depot in Longton is ideally situated helping us to reach all areas quickly and easily such as Preston, Leyland, Chorley, Manchester, Liverpool and many more lancashire towns.

October 2007


Sophisticars joined over 100 limousines to break the world record for the longest convoy of limousines, over a mile of limousines cruised the Blackpool promenade raising over £30,000 for Charity.
Half of the money raised by Sophisticars was given to the MRI Scanner Appeal and half given to Rock FM's Charity Help a Local Child.

September 2007
(News article)
Evening Post
It's a long shot at
world record




Passers-by may think their eyes are deceiving them as a mighty convoy of limousines flood a famous promenade.
Dozens upon dozens of luxury stretched motors from as far as Scotland and London will descend on the Lancashire seaside resort of Blackpool next month as it plays host to an exciting world record attempt.
The National Limousine and Chauffeur Association has asked its members and non-members to donate their limousines and chauffeurs for a "once in a lifetime experience" as they attempt to have the longest convoy of limousines down the Golden Mile through the Illuminations to raise money for charity.
There will be limousines of all colours, sizes and shapes,
including a record-breaking Ferrari Limo.

Phil Hayes, owner of Leyland-based company Sophisticars, is one of the organisers and two of his silver limousines will be taking part in the world record attempt at 8pm on Monday October 8.

He said: "It's going to be massive.
"I'm going to be driving one myself and one of our other drivers Lee Rilet is donating his time to drive one for the night."
More than 200 limousines from across the UK are expected to take part in the event, with the NLCA hoping to raise thousands of pounds for charity.
The limousines will meet on Clifton Drive North, facing the Golden Mile, where the officials will measure the length of convoy. At the end of the mile the Mayor of Blackpool will collect the money.
Half of the money raised will go to Blackpool's MRI Scanner appeal leaving the other 50% to be split between the areas from which the limousines operate.
Members of the public interested in being part of the event can contact their local limousine company to see if they are taking part in the Golden Mile of Limousines or contact the NLCA via the website

The public is asked for a minimum donation of £25 per person to travel in the limousines.

September 2007
(News article)
Leyland Guardian
Golden Mile of Limos

A Leyland limo company is hoping to play its part in breaking a world record attempt in aid of charity.
Sophisticars, run by Leyland businessman Phil Hayes, is joining other National Limousine & Chauffeur Association members in trying to record the longest convoy of stretched limousines along Blackpool's Golden Mile through the illuminations on the 8th October.
The money raised is being split between Blackpool's MRI Scanner appeal and other local charities across the county. Members of the public can get involved by paying a minimum donation of £25 per person to travel in the limos through the illuminations, working out at £200 per vehicle. Companies can also sponsor limousines.
Sophisticars have already been promised over £500 in donations but need more people from South Ribble and Chorley to sign up and other limousine operators to donate their vehicles.
To get involved contact Phil Hayes at Sophisticars on 01772 467530 or via e-mail at

September 2007

Sophisticars is helping the NLCA to organise a world record attempt to have the longest convoy of limos through Blackpool illuminations whist raising money for Blackpool's MRI scanner appeal and local charities.


August 2007
(News article)
Limo whisks couple to
special party


A devoted couple who have endured terrible health problems have been treated to a dream surprise wedding anniversary party. Penwortham couple Leonard Ball and his wife Dorothea could not believe their eyes when a Silver Stretched Limousine from Sophisticars pulled up outside their home to whisk them off to a special 60th anniversary celebration.
Both in their 80s and suffering from health problems, they had been very excited to see a a vehicle from Sophisticars at their granddaughter's wedding earlier this year, but had not for a moment envisaged they too would experience the same VIP treatment.
The great-grandparents, from Queens Court Avenue, Penwortham, were overwhelmed by their surprise.
Dorothea, 83, who has suffered eight heart attacks, six strokes and undergone a triple by-pass, said: "It was the nicest thing anybody has done all our lives. My husband has never enjoyed himself as much.
"It was a surprise, it was marvelous. I'll never forget this as long as I live."
Leonard, 83, suffers from angina and has undergone several stomach operations.
The retired labourer told how it was their first time in a limousine and added: "It was great, we didn't have a clue!"
It was love at first sight when the couple met at Preston's Avenham Park 60 years ago.
Their children, Leonard junior, Dorothea, Margery and William, all attended the party at Dorothea's home in Castle Mount, Fulwood

July 20071


Sophisticars has been nominated by it's customers in the European Limousine Awards for the second year running!. Through the nominations and comments of our customers Sophisticars a finalist for European Limousine Operator of the year!
Maintaining our position in the top 20 limousine companies for 2 years running.
Proving Sophisticars is simply the best choice for limousine and prestige car hire!


January 2007

Sophisticars joins forces with top Travel Agents

Sophisticars have joined forces with Freedom Travel Longton to offer all customers discounted packages on airport & Hotel transfers when booking their Holiday, Honeymoon, Hen/Stag party etc through Freedom Travel Longton.

Freedom travel Longton is an excellent travel agents offering great deals on Flights, Ferries, Holidays, Hen & Stag Parties and even Weddings Abroad for further information call Freedom Travel Longton on 01772 615151


January 2007

The National Limousine Association has been updated and reorganized and is renamed the National Limousine & Chauffeurs Association.
Sophisticars has renewed its membership.


February 2007
(News Article)
Leyland Guardian

Leyland chauffeur
gears up for rich and famous passengers





A Leyland businessman who ferries the rich and famous in his luxury limousines has been given a double boost. Philip Hayes, of Westwood Road, Leyland, runs Sophisticars, which specialise's in chauffeur driven and executive hire limousine services.
He was awarded a contract to provide executive hire for the Variety Club Children's Charity throughout the North West. The charity holds regular fundraising functions which celebrities attend.
Mr Hayes, 27, has a double reason to celebrate after South Ribble Borough Council's licensing committee agreed to bend its normal rules to allow him to use his personal vehicle – a Volvo S80 Executive T6 sedan – to ferry the Variety Club's guests in luxury and style Vehicles over four years aren't normally eligible for such a taxi licence, so the businessman drove his to the meeting so the committee members could inspect it for themselves.
After a straightforward roadworthiness test, the Volvo will be able to ferry the North West's rich and famous within the next couple of weeks.
Mr Hayes said: "I drove it to the licensing committee so that they could inspect it there and then.
"They needed to know that it has the appropriate safety requirements, and we are also subject to more stringent roadworthiness tests every six months, which is the next step.
"There is a massive crackdown on limousines to make sure they're safe – and quite rightly so. There are some private hire firms out there that don't meet the same standards that we do, being licensed by the council."
Mr Hayes believes that the latest addition to his luxury fleet will now enable Sophisticars to compete with other executive hire companies and continue the Leyland-based firm's success.
He already has experience of dealing with celebrities under expert scrutiny, having previously chauffeured car fanatics Nigel Mansell and Murray Walker as part of the Variety Club contract.
Sophisticars has been using two limousines and an American style executive car, mainly for stag and hen parties, high school leaving ceremonies and weddings.
Coun Jim Owen, vice chairman of the general licensing committee confirmed that the council had given Mr Hayes permission to licence the vehicle. He said: "We had a look at the vehicle at the meeting and granted the licence, with the condition that a small licence plate is displayed inside.
"We take each case on merit and it still has to pass the council's roadworthiness test before it is licensed for private hire."


July 2006

Sophisticars has been nominated by it's customers in the European Limousine Awards. Through the nominations and comments of our customers not only is Sophisticars a finalist for European Limousine Operator of the year but our chauffeur Phil Hayes has also made it in to the finals for Chauffeur of the year 2006. A massive honor to be with in the top 20 Limousine companies of Europe and to have a chauffeur within the top 20.


May 2006

Fantasy has arrived and has passed all roadworthiness tests and is now licensed like all our vehicles through the South Ribble Council to ensure it's fully legal and safe to hire.


April 2006

After a lot of searching for the right vehicle to be added to the fleet, Fantasy has been found and purchased. Fantasy matches the existing fleet with the same Dove Grey leather interior as all the existing vehicles and the same sophisticated silver exterior of Krystal.


March 2006

Sophsiticars has just gained all alcohol licence's needed and is one of the first Limousine companies in the UK to do so. Licence's are needed by all companies providing alcohol to sell or to give complimentary .


January 2006

Sophisticars have been elected proud members of the National Limousine Association Ensuring their customers with quality.

October 2005.
(News Article)

First Stretched



Local prestige car hire firm Sophisticars is celebrating it's first birthday on Sunday, For that special occasion customers can hire from a choice a of Silver Stretched Limousine or White Lincoln Towncar, complete with chauffeur. All chauffeurs from Sophisticars are fully uniformed and provide a helpful professional service.
Sophisticars is a thriving business and is looking to expand with the purchase of a new vehicle in the future. With a full diary-Sophisticars is very much in demand and they want to be able to supply a service to everyone who wants them - to do this they need to grow and with such a demand for their services this is not a problem.
The largest percentage of bookings come from recommendations and repeat hire, which shows that all clients leave Sophisticars wanting their next big night to come along so they can turn to the luxury Sophisticars offers.
Providing transport for events from proms, birthdays, hen nights weddings and more Sophisticars can add the final touch to that special occasion just perfect. Sophisticars are available to hire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are willing to drive any distance.
Run by partners Phil Hayes & Helen Averre, Sophisticars is very much a family run business, with all members from both families helping out from time to time.
Phil said: " We'd like to thank all our family, friends and suppliers, on this our first birthday, for helping to make our first year in business such a success!"


May 2005

We have just expanded the Sophisticars team with more chauffeurs to cover the demand.

April 2005
Chicken Tikka Masala

Sophisticars Limousine Krystal stars in locally filmed comedy film.
It is celebration time for the Chopra family of Preston. Not only their only son Jimi is all set to become a doctor but is going to get engaged to the girl his family likes, Simran, who has come from India. She comes from a respectable Gujarati family, is well educated, pretty and above all, the only daughter of a very good and old friend of the Chopra’s. She’s perfect in every way except one. She is not Jack, Jimi’s true love.

October 2004
Delivery has been taken of the first and only Silver Stretched Limousine in Lancashire (Krystal).
Krystal & Baby Limo have been put through roadworthiness tests by South Ribble Council and granted vehicle licenses. With all licence's and insurance in place Sophisticars has opened for business.


September 2004

Our Limousine Operators licence has been applied for and granted.
All our chauffeurs have gone through medicals and criminal record checks and have all passed with flying colour's and awarded licence's to drive private hire vehicles.


August 2004

Sophisticars has just purchased and had delivered the White Lincoln Towncar (Baby Limo) again cornering the market and offering the only one for hire in Lancashire.


May 2004

Sophisticars 1st Vehicle (Krystal) has been ordered, a terrific start to the company with the only Silver Stretched Limousine for hire in Lancashire.


































































Sophisticars Limousine Hire & Wedding Car Hire with Black Glittered limousines, silver limo hire and white baby limousines,(Lincoln Towncar) available throughout Lancashire. We cover the whole of the North west and supply Black limo hire silver Limousine hire in Adlington, black Limo Hire in Bamber Bridge, Bartle silver Limousine Hire, Blackpool and the Fylde limousine hire, Broughton Limousines wedding cars, Limo hire in Chorley, Clayton-Le-Woods & Clitheroe. Penwortham Limousine Hire, Leyland limo hire, chorley limo hire, preston limo hire, southport limousine hire, wedding cars also available in preston, chorley, leyland and throughout lancashire.
With limousine hire available in coppull, croston & Euxton. Limo hire covering Leyland, Farington, Fulwood, Garstang, Cottam and Grimsargh. Preston Limousine hire in Hesketh Bank, Hoghton and Hutton Limousines, Ingol Limousine Hire, kirkham limo hire, limousine hire in Lancashire, Leyland, Longton and Longridge. Limo hire Lostock Hall, Lytham Limousine Hire, New Longton, Much Hoole, Banks, and Walmer Bridge. Southport limousine hire, preston limousine hire, Tarleton Limousines, sollom, Walton-Le-Dale Limo hire and Whittle-Le-Woods .