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Proud members of the NLCA.UK

Sophisticars Limousines & Prestige Car Hire


Booking Advice & Tips

Before booking a limousine or prestige car from any company always ensure the correct legal and safety requirements are in place.

All the photographs on this website are of our own vehicles, unfortunately not all companies use pictures of their own vehicles therefore it is strongly advised that you view your vehicle with any company before booking.

We welcomes all our customers to view our vehicles, please contact us to make an appointment in our Longton Depot near Preston.

Before booking a limousine from any limousine company we advise that you be aware of the following legal and safety requirements. If they do not comply we strongly advise you do not book with them for your own safety.

All standard stretched limousines within the UK are restricted to a maximum of 8 passengers irrespective of size
(Our Baby Bentley Style Chrysler 300 Limousines are manufactured as 10 seaters in America but we will only ever carry the legal maximum of 8 within the UK).

Even the big 4x4's for example Hummers, Navigators and Excursions are restricted to 8 passengers the only way a a larger 4x4 limousine can legally carry more than 8 is if the vehicle has a COIF certificate to do so (Certificate Of Initial Fitness) PSV and is licensed and insured to carry more than 8 passengers with VOSA, there are only a handful of these vehicles in the uk so please ensure you ask to look at the UK COIF Certificate, Operators Licence and Insurance.

Ensure that the limousine company you book with is licensed by the local Council or VOSA We are fully Private Hire Licensed, as well as having an Operators Licence each vehicle and chauffeur must also have their own licence.
To achieve a Chauffeurs licence each Chauffeur must have regular CRB checks (Criminal Record Bureau) this checks the chauffeurs criminal record, if anything is recorded a licence is not granted, (the same test is used for checking those that work in School's etc.)The chauffeurs must also undergo regular medical examinations and a sit a chauffeuring course with a written test to ensure they are fit to drive the public as well as completing our in house training program.
Each vehicle is licensed and must undergo regular safety checks to ensure that the public's safety is paramount.

Each limousine operator and wedding car company must also have the relevant Alcohol Licenses, even if the alcohol is complimentary the operator must still be licensed to sell or give the alcohol away.
Sophisticars is fully licensed to sell and give complimentary alcohol.

Each vehicle must also be insured for hire & reward (private hire insurance) with full public & employers liability.
Sophisticars is fully insured.

Please also note that wedding cars can only legally provide cars for weddings and no other hire. All executive car hire companies must also be licensed as private hire.

Lancashire Wedding Cars

Although being a member of the National Limousine & Chauffeur association is not a legal requirement it is advised to choose a company that is legally licensed and a member of the N.L.C.A.U.K (this way you know that no serious complaints have been reported! and if you have any problems with your limousine hire you have someone to report your problems to), any complaints will be looked into and if necessary the N.L.C.A. will take membership off the limousine company.

The N.L.C.A. was instituted to establish standards of service and conduct throughout the industry providing the public with a benchmark enabling customers to hire with confidence. It has been known for Operators who are not members to use the NLCA logo on their website and paperwork so please visit the NLCA UK website to ensure they are listed as members within your area. (You can do this by clicking on any of the NLCA Logo's on our website).

You can also visit the NLCA website for further information on the laws connected with operating a limousine.

Proud members of the NLCA.UK

So once you've ensured all the above are in place with the operator you have chosen, ensure you ask if you will receive the following services to enhance your hire.
(Sophisticars offer the following as standard)

Fully Uniformed Chauffeurs - Our chauffeurs uniform is a charcoal suit, white shirt, silver or black tie with chauffeurs cap and black leather gloves.

Complimentary Refreshments - When you book a limousine from Sophisticars you will receive complimentary refreshments that you arrange at the time of booking, you can request Bubbly, Bucks Fizz, Non-Alcoholic, water and much more.

Complimentary soft drinks for Children - Depending on the age of the children we supply complimentary Fruit Shoots, non-alcoholic Bubbly or other Soft Drinks.

Umbrella - in case the weather is not favorable.

Full Chauffeur Etiquette - Your Chauffeur will greet you, open your door, pour your drinks, show you how to use the controls of your vehicle & assist in taking photographs.

Choice of Decoration - We can decorate our vehicles to suit your occasion, including complimentary, balloons & banners.

Wedding Decoration - When you book a vehicle from Sophisticars for your wedding you can choose a matching colour theme for your Ribbon, Bow & Interior Decoration. You can also request Just Married Balloons & Banners for after your ceremony, as well as a Red Carpet.

If there is anything else you would to enhance your experience with Sophisticars please don't hesitate to ask.

"We look forward to your special occasion"

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